Dr. Mary Hall

Dr. Mary Hall

Dr. Mary Hall is a fully licensed Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist in the state of Vermont who graduated from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. Her training in both Naturopathic and Traditional Chinese medical styles allows her to combine the best of both worlds, creating an individualized and unique treatment plan for all your health concerns. Her specific interests include acupuncture, nutrition, and women’s health.

Her medical training began while obtaining her Bachelors of Science Degree at Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, Vermont as an advanced-EMT and member of the student-run ambulance service. Through that experience, her interest in integrative medicine and love of Vermont grew, leading her to obtain her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and masters in Acupuncture, and return to practice in the state she considered home. In her spare time she enjoys playing with her dog, volunteering as an alumni member of Saint Michael’s Rescue, and cooking.

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Health Integrative PLC offers a wide range of health care services under integrative medicine; that is the use of physical modalities of treatment, conventional model of care and natural therapies to comfort, treat and -as often as possible- cure.

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