Health Integrative Medically Supervised Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program

Health Integrative Medically Supervised Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program

Health Integrative Medically Supervised Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program

Prior to acceptance into the program we will do an initial intake and review current supplements, history of medications and health history to make sure you qualify, and we can successfully guide you through the program.

Topics covered over the 12 week course- each week is a new discussion towards your goals


- Self Assessments
- Physical Measurements
- Blood Pressure
- Body Composition
- Metabolic Syndrome evaluation
- Biometric testing
- CMP panel

Week 1 & 2 - 10 day detoxification program

- Ultra Clear Detox kit
- Multi Vitamin- Helps with filling in nutritional gaps – Micro nutrients
- Fish Oil- Assists with lowering inflammation and helps with heart health
- B Complex- assists with proper nervous function / stress reduction
- Vit D Liquid- Assists with increasing immune function and mood function
- Probiotics- Assists with proper GI function and overall health

Week 3 - Food and Menu Planning- Healthy Transformation

Which type of food plan fits your beliefs and lifestyle. Any program can be modified to fit you individually
- Mediterranean Diet
- Low Fat
- Paleo
- Keto
- Vegetarian
- Vegan

Week 4 & 5 Food Shopping

- Grocery lists
- Food shopping - meet and go through a grocery store to understand what types of foods are best to buy for your plan
- Meal planning

Week 6 - Mindful Eating

- Focus on Nutrition and Mindful eating
- Snacking

Week 7 - Sleep

- Difficulty falling asleep
- Waking up tired
- Daytime drowsiness
- Waking up frequently

Week 8 - Physical Activity

- Heart rate and what it means
- Basics of interval training
- Sponsors of local gyms have introductory offers

Week 9 - Coping with Stress

- Recognize stressors
- Techniques to diffuse stress

Week 10 - Relapse Prevention

- Explore how to manage lapses and relapses

Week 11 - Stress Management

- Sleep and it’s role
- Stress triggers
- Supportive relationships
- Timeout for relaxation
- Have fun and laugh often
- Exercise that relieves stress Emotional eating
- Emotional eating

Week 12 - New Beginning – after the 12 weeks

- Understand how to put it all together

Medications can be used in certain cases if medically necessary

  • Must be medically identified by our physicians
  • 3-month program for medications prescribed 1 month at a time

Additional support:

Infrared detox sauna – 30 min each visit
Acupuncture for weight loss – NADA seeds for additional support
B12 & MIC (methionine, inositol and choline – the primary compounds in the injection.) The injections are taken weekly for a period of about three months to boost weight loss.


the digestive system by helping to remove heavy metals within the body while breaking down fat deposits thus preventing the possible build-up of fat in arteries.  Methionine can also be converted to cytosine, the precursor of glutathione, which is essential in detoxification of the liver.



the transfer of nutrients at the cellular level and to help maintain proper electrical energy across the cell membrane.  In addition, Inositol converts fats into other useful forms of energy and assists in establishing healthy cell membranes thus facilitation nerve impulses.



in controlling cholesterol levels in the blood and in controlling weight gain by maintaining healthy cell membranes. Choline has been linked to and directly associated in the maintenance of the nervous system, assisting memory, and is critical for normal cell membrane structure and function.  Choline is the precursor of betaine which helps in liver function and in the formation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

IV vitamin therapy 250cc

boosts immune system
serves as a catalyst in the metabolism of carbohydrates
assists in metabolizing fats and carbohydrates
assists in the breakdown of nutrients into a release of energy, B3 also can help reduce cholesterol levels for patients

*cost includes all meetings and supplements used in the program 

We'll ensure you get the best guidance.